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Road trip diary: rafting in Colorado

Rafting is such a fun activity for all ages. I’ve been going since I was a kid! Even my mom and sister who think driving to Asheville to go to Trader Joe’s is an adventure have enjoyed rafting (lol love you guys). I’ve seen anyone from super young ages to people in their 70s out rafting. Colorado has amazing opportunities to continue your love for rafting or do it for the first time! The rafting season is during summer season, about May through September.

There are multiple rivers available as well as rafting outfitters for various skill levels and lengths of time. Some of the rivers in Colorado that are commonly rafted on is the Colorado, Arkansas, and Clear Creek. You can go anywhere from a half day, 1/3 of a day, full day, multiple days, etc. The theme of my blog is to save money, so the shorter time and lower skill levels are going to be your cheaper options. I would also suggest checking out multiple outfitters and compare prices and look at what’s included. For example, some include pictures but others might charge you $45 if you want pictures, so be sure to do some research and consider what you want out of your rafting experience.

To include rafting in our budget, we chose free camping the whole time we were out there which saved us over $300 to use for rafting and other activities.

We were in the Boulder/Denver area so we chose to raft out of Idaho Springs on Clear Creek through the canyon. There are a TON of outfitters out of Idaho Springs you can choose from. To fit our needs, we chose Liquid Descent. They were a cheaper option by a few dollars but had an intermediate half day option that appealed to us. We paid 65 each (includes taxes and fees) and this came with wetsuits, splash jackets, life jackets, and helmets. Booties for your feet were an extra $3 but we opted out and were fine. We only used the splash jackets, life jackets, and helmets and were perfectly content despite the cold water.

I am SO glad we chose Liquid Descent! We had an awesome raft guide, Kenny, and he kept us feeling safe while having the best time. We only did intermediate which was a perfect level for my boyfriend and me. Next time, we are for sure doing a more advanced level since we ended up being comfortable with the white water.

Kenny also told us how well the owner of Liquid Descent took care of their employees and that solidified it even more. I’ve worked in the seasonal industry and they can be very corporate, so I was so happy to be giving my money to such an awesome company. Liquid Descent is locally owned in Idaho Springs with (I think) one other location where more advanced trips go out of.

Paddle high fives!

Although Liquid Descent is the only outfitter I’ve used in this area, I would 100% recommend them to anyone in Boulder/Denver/Idaho Springs. We will be going back and we will always go back to Liquid Descent.

Book online:

Don’t forget to tip your guide!

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