My road trip go-to’s that make the drive easier

1. Driving Playlist (s)

I HAVE to have good music when I’m driving. I also need music for different moods. I like to have one big go-to playlist with all my favorite songs, but I also make separate playlists for certain moods. I like to have a slow and chill playlist for the middle of the night or early mornings, some sing along/pump up songs when I’m getting tired, etc. The trick is to figure out what works for you!

2. Podcasts and Audiobooks

This is something I didn’t do until my second cross country road trip, and it changed my road trips forever! Sometimes music just isn’t doing it, so I love to turn on a podcast or book. Audiobooks can be a little pricey, but one audio book can be 8-20ish hours long. I’ve found that mystery/thriller audiobooks keep me the most interested and it’s super fun if you have a co pilot so you can guess what’s going on or how it will end. I tend to stick to the same theme when it comes to podcasts. My personal favorites are My Favorite Murder or Last Podcast On the Left.

Y’all, I’ve literally decided to not stop driving before and keep going just because I wanted to know how the book ended. WORTH IT!

3. Finding your perfect snack and drink combo

Whenever it’s my turn to drive and I am NOT feeling it, I’ll grab my fav snack and drink combo to get me going. I’ve perfected my combo to the point where I buy them beforehand to save some money at the gas station. This is something you have to figure out yourself, but I can tell you my favorite two to give some inspiration.

One of my favorite combos is that white cheddar smart pop and an Arizona green tea *chefs kiss.* My other favorite was originally discovered by my favorite road trip partner, Blair. She found the perfect combo of bbq Fritos and Red Bull…. I know it sounds odd but it’s honestly perfect.

4. Passenger seat activities

Sometimes I prefer to be the one driving because the passenger seat can be sooooo boring. When I am the passenger, I keep myself busy by reading…. a lot… (not a good idea if you get car sick). I also like to have something to do with my hands. My previously mentioned infamous road trip partner, Blair, showed me one of my favorite passenger seat activities: friendship bracelets. Knitting or crocheting is also a great hand activity while sitting shotgun!

5. Car rules

These can be fun but are also necessary in my experience. You can do fun ones or more serious ones. Typical ones we’ve had on our road trips have been: can’t skip a cherub song (or other band of your choice), passenger can’t sleep if there are more than 2 people in the car, driver has control over music/books, etc.

6. Road atlas

Okay I know this a little odd, but one time I drove cross country and we decided to turn our phones on airplane mode for the entire trip. We used a road atlas to get everywhere and it was actually pretty fun! I also like it because when I’m driving 12+ hours it hurts my freaking heart to look at the gps and see that I still have 21 hours left! Definitely something to try out.

Ft. My gal pal Blair and the first road trip we used an atlas on!

7. Have something to look forward to during the drive

This can be so many things! Stopping at a weird attraction halfway through, stopping to watch the sunset/sunrise, and so on. In my case, it was a little caesars pizza waiting for me halfway through in Illinois. Weird I know, but Blair and I really wanted that specific kind. Probably because we were broke!


If you are solo, this is such a great time to call and catch up with old friends you might have not spoken to in awhile.

9. Enjoy the ride

Look out the window, breathe, enjoy the moment.

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